Guyed Mast

+ The basic feature of the guyed mast is that the mast is supported by layers of steel cables guy that fix the antenna pillar with the foundation to be able to stand. The guyed mast has a suitable structure with low cost, requiring a larger installation area than the Self-supporting tower.

+ Normally, the guyed mast height is 30m, 40m, 45m, 60m…

+ The cross section of the tower is  an equilateral triangle or quadrilateral.

+ The structure of the guyed mast body is made from steel pipes and welded together with smooth round steel braces, the segments are connected by bolts.

+ The whole tower body is electroplated or hot dipped galvanized to prevent rust.      

+ Vntower specializes in consulting, designing, manufacturing, erecting and repairing 3 anchor guyed mast, 4 anchor guyed mast with the height from 15 meters to 75 meters. Our guyed mast always ensure quality and conform to the technical standards of the telecommunications industry.